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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

BaKare Beds are this year celebrating 30 years of excellence. BaKare have been supplying adjustable beds, adjustable bed mattresses and mobility products to thousands of


Adjustable Beds for Seniors: A Comprehensive Review of Benefits and Options

As we age, the search for comfort and independence becomes more pressing. For seniors, this often culminates in the quest for the perfect night’s sleep—a quest that may well end with the discovery of adjustable beds. Bakare® has been at the vanguard of this revolution, offering a suite of electric profiling beds that marry convenience with luxury.


Visit our New Showroom

Looking for a stylish profiling bed for a good night’s sleep? Look no further! Bakare® Beds’ new bed showroom on the edge of the beautiful

dementia low bed

Bakare® Dementia Low Bed

Bakare® Dementia Low Bed Bakare’s Dementia Low Bed, created in collaboration with clinicaltherapists, has been designed to minimise the risk of injury toencourage users to


Bakare Beds Continues BHTA Membership

Bakare Beds continues to be a member of The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), an inaugural member of the Trading Standards Institute’s (TSI) new Consumer

Case Studies of Adjustable Profiling Beds for Care

Service Feedback – Dads Bed Move

Another very satisfied customer who using our support team: Hi Jen I just wanted to put in writing my thanks and appreciation to you, the

FAQ Regarding Klearside® Beds for Children

FAQ Regarding Klearside® Beds for Children

Q1.         What are the lowest and highest settings for your bed? The Klearside® Junior has a height adjustment range of 38cm – 80cm (excluding mattress).

Overnight Carers Bed

Overnight Carers Beds

Carers Offered Overnight Comfort Special furniture which turns into overnight beds to offer carers a good night’s sleep close to their loved ones are becoming

Volker 3080 Electric Mobility Bed

Electrical Mobility Beds

Bakare Beds are suppliers of adjustable mobility beds which are specially designed to help people who have mobility issues or are confined to bed for

Volker 3080 Adjustable Bed

Focus on the Volker 3080 Adjustable Bed

The Volker 3080 is a truly exceptional, professional care bed that provides outstanding flexibility in any environment. Our aim is to help people regain their

sitting in solitude

The Importance Of Preventing Falls

There are many reasons why elderly people are prone to falls. Older people may have balance problems and muscle weakness, slower reflexes, poor vision or

Woman fall on floor

The Risk of Ultra Low Floor Beds

Ultra low floor beds are am increasingly popular solution in UK institutional care for minimising the risk of injuries to users at risk of falls.

Sales Job Vacancy, Plymouth, Devon, UK

BaKare Beds are an equal opportunities employer. JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Sales Advisor Department: Bakare Sales (Plympton) Responsible to: Sales Manager / Office Manager THIS

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Choosing The Right Adjustable Bed

At Bakare, We Care About Finding The Best Solution For You For many people, being able to remain at home – even when facing challenging

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