Overhead Hoists

Bakare are an authorised dealer for the Liko™ range of overhead hoists.

Liko™ Overhead Hoists

Fixed overhead hoists offer coverage to almost the whole room area and do not occupy floor space unlike mobile hoists but the compromise is that sometimes, doorways may need altering and ceilings reinforced to take the loads. However, Bakare are able to offer Liko™ Likorall® ceiling hoists which can be fitted to almost any type of room with no structural modification - even those with plasterboard walls & false ceilings.

Liko™ overhead hoists are certified in accordance with the medical device standard EN ISO 13485 meaning they are suitable for Changing Places specification

We Offer

SWL from 200kg (32 stone) up to 500kg (80 stone)
Overhead Hoists suitable for Changing Places specification
Can be fitted to almost any type of room with no structural modification
Various Non-load bearing wall solutions, such as curved uprights so skirting/dado rails do not need to be removed
We offer a full site-survey, professional installation and provide a full on-site warranty
Certified in accordance with the medical device standard EN ISO 13485

Easy Room Transfer

The Likorall® R2R overhead lift system enables the transfer of patients between two rail systems in different rooms, without rail connections.


Door frame modifications are not required
Upright supports can be installed around door frames for non-load bearing walls
Cost effective solution due to most installs requiring no building works
Only one carer/family member required for the room to room transfer to take place

What Now?

Give Us a Call
Call and speak to one of our friendly overhead hoist team, who will discuss all options available and answer any questions you may have.
Site Survey
We'll arrange a suitable time to visit where the overhead hoist is going to be installed, so a full room/site survey can be carried out.
Provide a Written Quotation
We will provide a comprehensive overhead hoist quotation, which will include the cost of the hoist including full installation.

Frequent Questions

01. What is the Minimum Room Size for Changing Places
The minimum size for a changing places room is 3m X 4m. To be advertised as a Changing Places room it must be wheelchair accessible, have a hoist, fold down changing bench, toilet and sink.
02. What is the Minimum Room Size for Space to Change
The minimum size for a Space to Change room is 3m X 2.5m. The room must also be wheelchair accessible, include a adult sized changing bench and a hoist.
03. Do I have to fix to the ceilings
No, our systems can fix directly to load-bearing walls, or non-load bearing partitioned walls using non-intrusive slimline uprights which transfers the load of the hoist to the floor.
04. Minimum Joist Requirements
For overhead hoists that are being installed to the ceiling using existing joists/rafters, the minimum requirement is 6" x 2" timbers.
05. What is the Lifting Interval of the Hoist
Lifting interval 200 cm (80") – handles lifting from the floor in most environments.
06. How Can I Get a Quotation for an Overhead Hoist
We offer a free of charge hoist survey service, one of our experienced surveyors will visit you and discuss the different hoist options available and provide advice based on the room layout and the type of transfers you are looking to achieve.

For new builds, we are usually able to provide an estimate based on architectural drawings.

Call 01752 512222 for further information