Breakdown Procedure for Volker Bed

make sure before looking for faults that the bed is connected to the power supply (Plug inserted and socket live)

fault finding / trouble shooting

The following fault finding chart is designed to eliminate false call outs by the user. Please ensure all checks have been made before reporting the fault to the appropriate person.

Please follow the line diagram to assess the problem or refer to the Volker Healthcare Bed Operational and Maintenance Instructions Models 2080 / 3080 manual.

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Reporting a Fault

When reporting a fault, it is important that the following information is given to our customer service department.

  1. Name of Person in Charge / or person requesting call out.
  2. Official order number or payment for call out , if applicable
  3. Contact person at site location
  4. Nature / Details of fault
  5. Location of bed
  6. Serial Number of Bed
  7. Date of Installation

Our customer service department will issue you a technical support reference number, so you can track the status of your fault situation.

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Repair Procedure

  1. In cases of a simple part going faulty, such as the remote handset or the encased motor unit, we will send a tested and working replacement part the next working day (see point 7).
  2. The user or their representative must attach the replacement part to the bed.
  3. The faulty component will become the property of BaKare and must be sent back to our Plymouth Office. The new part will become the property of the customer.
  4. Faults requiring replacement parts must be reported by 00pm to our Plymouth Office (Monday to Friday) for next day delivery.
  5. Faulty parts or components that are not returned to BaKare within seven days will be charged for at full rate.
  6. Where replacement parts are not the problem and the solution requires an engineer we will visit within 5 working days to resolve the situation.
  7. Where a next day response is required we will do our utmost to adhere to the request. We will however make a surcharge as applicable.

Getting Help

The customer Service Department operates office hours from 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday – 9.00am to 4.30pm Friday. For any calls received outside these times, please leave a message on the customer service department answer phone.  An Engineer will then phone you back within 12 hours of the message being left.

For immediate attention always report faults to Bakare® Beds Ltd, Customer Service Department on  01752 512222 or contact us using our website

Are you entitled to VAT relief?

If you’re disabled or have a long-term medical condition; or a charity is purchasing the goods, you will not be charged VAT on zero-rated products such as adjustable beds & medical mattresses. Also, you will not be charged VAT on the installation and any extra work needed as part of this; repairs or maintenance; spare parts or accessories.

Simply complete the adjacent form with your name and medical condition and VAT will be removed from your order.

In proceeding you understand that, by completing this form and processing this order, you are digitally signing to agree that the details you have provided above qualify for relief from value added tax. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible for VAT relief, click here to read the full advice and guidance on the website

Tax exemption

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