Virtual Demonstration Desktop

Video Assessments & Demonstrations

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in March, Bakare Beds were one of the first adjustable bed and cot companies to implement video assessments and demonstrations to help Occupational Therapists, Healthcare Workers, Nursing Homes, Hospices and individuals requiring care in their own homes to continue to benefit from the products we supply.

Every video assessment/demonstration is carried out via a two man team (a experienced product adviser and camera man), rather than a fixed point camera. This allows us to provide a more thorough assessment/demonstration, from various angles so we can demonstrate the products full functionality whilst maintaining social distancing.

We can accomodate most video platforms such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp and Facebook.

Need to book a video assessment/demonstration? Please enter your details in the form or call us on 01752 512222.