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FAQ Regarding Klearside® Beds for Children

Q1.         What are the lowest and highest settings for your bed?
The Klearside® Junior has a height adjustment range of 38cm – 80cm (excluding mattress).

Q2.         What are the variable heights of the cot sides that accompany this bed?

The Klearside® bed has an end user side protection level of 56.5cm (excluding mattress).

Q3.         Do you have a range of cot sides?

The Klearside® has two styles of sides – non-perforated (clear vinyl) and perforated (clear vinyl with rows of tiny holes within the vinyl).

Q4.         Does the bed have mattress guides attached?

The mattress guides are part of the side rail base panel design. This allows either the Klearside® mattress or air mattress to be used with the reduction of entrapment or moving and handling issues.

Q5.         Does your bed come with a mattress that eliminates any gaps or do you have infill’s? (please provide details)

We have designed a wedged shaped mattress which is a snug fit with the Klearside® lying surface. This minimises the risk of entrapment.

Q6.         How do you minimise the risk of gaps at the head and foot of the bed whilst the bed is profiled?

For specific requirements wedge insets can be used on both head and foot section.

Q7          How many sections does the bed breakdown into?

The bed is in two parts. Top lying surface and base undercarriage.

Q8          How is the bed transported

The bed is transported in two parts, this is by means of two men. Delivery trolley can be used if required.

Q9.         How long from order does the bed take to be delivered?

4-6 weeks from point of order but we aim to deliver within 3 weeks or sooner whenever possible.

Q10.       What can we expect to pay for the bed and accessories?

We provide a discount for any quotation that is requested by an Occupational Therapist or Healthcare Professional.

Q11.       Does the bed require 2 people for delivery?

Yes, for safe moving and handling practices. However, if you require one-man only delivery, please consider the Luke special needs bed, as it’s modular construction and improved hygiene control / decontamination is specifically designed to facilitate use with the loan store environment.

Q12.       Does the bed conform to the Children’s Standards EN 50637:2017?

Yes. The Klearside® in standard form conforms to adult bed standard EN 60601-2-52 and if specified when ordering, will be modified in order to comply with Children’s Standards EN 50637:2017

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