Beds for Special Needs Children

Bakare® can work with therapists & parents to ensure the cot is designed and built perfect for your child.

A range of beds & cots designed for children & young adults

Every child is unique and has different requirements. We have a wide range of solutions available for children that can help with their care requirements, and also provide them with a safe space to sleep.
Special Needs Cots

Child Proof Hinges

Small fingers getting trapped in door hinges is a concern for most parents. Our cots come with anti-entrapment hinges. Another benefit of this design allows the door to hinge in excess of 180 degrees, providing clear uninterrupted access to the cot.

Child Proof Locks

A big concern reported by many parents is the worry about the child letting themselves out of the cot in the night and becoming harmed. This in itself means many mothers are prevented from having a full and deep nights’ sleep due to having to start alert for such eventualities.

The whole children´s bed range of SAVI offers the patented child-proof lock, which prevents the unintentional opening of the doors which can easily and quickly opened by an adult.

Easy Access

The 4-winged door is available for all of our models. Because of the folding-sliding-mechanism the door is very sturdy in each position and has a precise run. Thanks to this technology the whole front can be opened. This is harmony between quality and function. Adaptions for sloping ceilings are no problem.

Electric Control

Our cots can be fitted with optional low voltage motors and controls in order to provide electric profiling of the lying surface and / or height adjustment.

Profiling is useful to provide a means of sitting the child up in bed. Height adjustment provides a way of accessing the the cot and the child at the correct height, reducing the risk of back pain.

Easy to Move

All cots are available with running gear and castors for easy movement. The choice of the castors should depend on the floor covering the bed would stand on, with larger castors required for deep pile carpets whilst small castors required for movement on laminate or wooden flooring.

Padding to Reduce Injuries

If impact injuries from hitting the side of the cot are a concern, optional padding may be supplied. This can be fixed or removable / fastened with velcro and can be supplied in colours to suit your décor.

Safety & Security

All our beds comply with applicable European standards and bear the CE mark.

To retain the natural character of the wood, we treat the surfaces with natural wax tested on the basis of health and ecological aspects and in accordance with DIN EN 71 (safety of toys).

The edges of the bed are rounded properly in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries. The metal fittings are also contained inside the beds and contain child-friendly hinges and locks.

Savi Knut - Child Care Cot

Knut Cot

The Savi Knut cot has been designed for children with limited mobility, with features to make care easier.

Savi Tom - Child Care Cot

Tom Care Cot

The Tom cot has been designed for more active special needs children, with a host of features available.

Savoir-Vivre - Child Care Cot

Savoir-Vivre Cot

Combining safety with comfort, the Savoir-Vivre can be ordered with a barred side-height of up to 180cm.

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