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Now that the we’re well into January, many people are still managing to avoid the pub in an effort to tackle Dry’anuary or even strangely they’re getting themselves to Greggs in what has become known as Vegan’uary. But surely the best possible New Year’s resolution you can have is to get yourself a good nights sleep as often as physically possible.

Experts suggest that getting a solid seven hours sleep each night reduces the risk of stress, it improves the bodies ability to ‘fight back’, it reduces blood pressure and can improve memory capacity. So surely a good night sleep should be top of everyone’s agenda regardless of how much alcohol we drink or how much meat we eat.

But not everyone has the ability to slip easily in to bed, drop off for a sensible period and wake up fully refreshed and ready to go. Some people struggle to even physically get in or out bed in the first place, yet the health benefits to these people are especially important and should remain a top priority as they look to deal with health issues and improve their lives on a day to day basis.

At Bakare Beds we completely understand the specialist healthcare bed market, which is why we offer what we believe is the finest range of specialist beds in the UK today. We have over 30 years of experience of enabling independence and enriching lives. It’s what we do and it’s what we’re good at.

But Bakare Beds aren’t just about improving the sleep patterns of the individuals that use them, it’s about so much more than that. Our experience suggests that although users of our beds can dramatically improve their ability to sleep, it’s about the impact that these beds have on the people that surround them as family.

Our technology and innovation, born and bred in Germany offers a greater level of independent living for the individual user, which in turn means less of a reliance on the carer. It can offer a greater level of dignity for the user as well as peace of mind for other family members, resulting in a better night sleep for everyone involved. Plus it offers a level of reassurance that the person using the bed is given the best possible opportunity for sleep.

We offer a range of motor controlled beds that are height adjustable, easily moveable products that feature adaptable side rails and tilt systems. But it’s not just about the elderly and infirm it’s about children as well.

Our junior bed range offers the same very high quality features but these products are designed in such a way that they actually look like children’s beds with Klearside® innovation and cots with non toxic, brightly coloured paint schemes … about as far removed from a stark looking hospital bed as possible.

So, we’re not saying don’t give up alcohol for January, or even meat for that matter, but what we are saying is, everyone deserves the best possible chance of getting a good nights sleep in and for those people with special needs the best possible way of achieving that is by talking to us at Bakare Beds.

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