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The Unmatched Comfort of Adjustable Beds for Seniors

An adjustable bed for seniors is not just a mere luxury; they are a cornerstone for achieving a restful night’s sleep and improved daytime mobility. With the simple touch of a button, users can tailor their sleeping positions to suit their comfort needs, making electric beds a game-changer for seniors looking to improve their sleep quality and independence.

Ease into Sleep with Multiple Positions

The ability to adjust your bed to your preferred sleeping position is not just about luxury; it’s a critical feature for seniors who might struggle with mobility. The right angle can aid with breathing issues and reduce pain, ensuring a serene transition into slumber.

Customisable Comfort at Your Fingertips

The adjustment doesn’t end with sleeping positions. Many seniors find that a slight elevation of the head of the bed can alleviate symptoms of conditions like acid reflux or snoring, thus paving the way for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Reclining Beds

Reclining beds offer more than just comfort; they have tangible health benefits. By allowing adjustments to the bed’s profile, these  electric adjustable beds can help alleviate various health issues, leading to a more restorative sleep.

Reduction in Pain and Improvement in Circulation

Seniors often suffer from chronic pain or poor circulation. A slight elevation of the legs can reduce swelling and discomfort, while adjusting the head can minimise neck and back pain, contributing to overall well being.

Support from Healthcare Professionals

It’s not uncommon for a physical or occupational therapist to recommend adjustable beds for seniors. The tailored positions can aid in recovery from surgery or injury, making these beds an integral part of home healthcare.

Enhanced Independence with Mobility Beds

Mobility beds are a key to preserving the autonomy of seniors. The empowerment that comes with being able to get in and out of bed without assistance cannot be overstated.

Freedom in Routine

With a mobility bed, mundane tasks like getting up to switch off the light or adjusting the bed to get comfortable no longer require outside help. This freedom is transformative for seniors’ daily routines.

Safety and Ease of Use

Safety is paramount, and the intuitive design of every electric adjustable bed ensures that seniors can operate their beds safely and with ease, minimising the risk of falls and injuries.

The Versatility of Adjustable Bed Frames

The core of any good adjustable bed is a reliable adjustable bed frame. Bakare® Beds provides frames that are both sturdy and versatile, designed to accommodate the varying needs of seniors.

A Foundation for Comfort

The bed frame is what makes the magic happen, allowing for various adjustments and ensuring that the bed can withstand regular use without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Integration with Other Assistive Devices

Bakare® bed frames are designed to be compatible with other assistive devices, such as overhead hoists, making it a comprehensive solution for long-term care needs.

Illuminating Convenience with Bed Lighting

One feature that often goes unnoticed is bed lighting. Integrated lighting systems in adjustable electric beds can greatly enhance the safety and convenience for seniors during the night.

Navigating the Night with Ease

Bed lighting provides a safe way to navigate the bedroom during nighttime, reducing the risk of falls and helping seniors to remain independent.

Ambiance and Accessibility

Not only is bed lighting practical, but it also adds a touch of ambiance to the bedroom, making it a cosy, inviting space.

Consulting the Experts: Therapists’ Perspective on Adjustable Beds

It is advisable for seniors to consult with a physical or occupational therapist when choosing an adjustable bed. These professionals can provide valuable insights into the most beneficial features for each individual’s specific health needs.

Tailored Recommendations

Therapists can assess the individual needs of seniors and recommend beds that will offer the most health benefits and comfort.

Ensuring Compatibility with Care Needs

Therapists can also ensure that the adjustable bed frame and its features are compatible with any ongoing care requirements, making them a vital part of the decision-making process.

The Final Adjustment: Embracing Independence in Comfort

In conclusion, adjustable beds for seniors offer a myriad of benefits that go far beyond mere comfort. They promote health, independence, and a quality of life that every senior deserves. Bakare® Beds, with a wealth of experience and commitment to assistive technology, stands ready to guide you through the options and find the bed that will transform your sleep and your life. Explore the possibilities with Bakare® and take the first step towards a good night’s sleep.

Impulse 400 - KL

Impulse 400 KL Hospital Bed

  • 30cm – 83cm height adjustment range
  • Easy clean ABS lying surface
  • 250kg (39.3 stone) safe working load
  • Four wheel lock central braking system

or 12 interest free 0% monthly payments.

Luxury Profiling Bed

Aura Single Profiling Bed

  • Single 90cm/3ft wide lying surface
  • 4 Section profiling/anti-stomach compression
  • 25cm – 82cm height adjustment range
  • Hidden wheels for a more homely appearance



price includes vat relief.

or 12 interest free 0% monthly payments.

Klearside® Low Small Double

  • Small double 120cm/4ft wide lying surface
  • Provides maximum visibility for the user and family/carers
  • 25cm – 82cm height adjustment/Anti-Trendelenburg tilt function
  • Available with Klearside® anti-entrapment mattress



price includes vat relief.

or 12 interest free 0% monthly payments.

Bakare® Dementia Small Double Low Adjustable Bed

  • Single 120cm/4ft wide lying surface
  • Padded side rails help prevent rolling onto the floor, whilst leaving safe exit
  • Headboard and low footboard are padded for maximum protection
  • 4 Section profiling/25cm – 82cm height adjustment range



price includes vat relief.

or 12 interest free 0% monthly payments.

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