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Volker 3080 Electric Mobility Bed

Bakare Beds are suppliers of adjustable mobility beds which are specially designed to help people who have mobility issues or are confined to bed for long periods of time. For many people, being able to remain at home ­– even when facing challenging health conditions – is a real priority. Staying at home means you can stay close to friends and family and can benefit from all the comforts – and security – of being in a familiar environment.

Mobility Issues

If mobility is an issue for you or someone you’re caring for, you’ll already have a good idea of just how useful specialist equipment can be. Bakare has over 27 years of experience in supporting people with mobility problems – helping them feel safer, more comfortable and more confident as well as giving them increased independence and sense of dignity so they can really improve their quality of life.

Volker 3080 Adjustable Bed - Resting

The use of adjustable beds in the home has grown considerably over the last two decades. Adjustable beds aid mobility because they can be adjusted to a number of different positions using a special four-section profiling lying surface. The easy-to-use handset & control system allows you to sit up in bed or raise your legs at a touch of a button, so even if you have very restricted mobility, you can achieve a greater sense of independence while making yourself as comfortable as possible. Each section of the profiling adjustable bed can be positioned independently to enable you to find the most comfortable position.

Profiling beds can assist with a variety of medical conditions and have been found to provide relief from arthritis, rheumatism and traditional back complaints as well as aiding people with mobility issues or long-term health conditions that keep them confined to bed. Some adjustable beds even offer a chair or comfort position which is perfect for those that want to eat, read or sit more upright in bed.

Height Adjustability

When beds have full height adjustability, this can also make it a lot easier to get in and out of bed so you can be less reliant on carers. Adjustable height beds also mean that the bed can be positioned at the best height for wheelchair transfers, or can help lift you from a sitting to a standing position with the minimum of effort, just by pressing the appropriate button on the electronic handset.

Volker 5384 Kepler - Low Bed Reassurance

Some adjustable beds can lower themselves very close to the floor and are suitable for users at risk or falls. For extra low beds, please visit our low bed section.

Wheelchair Transfers

Adjustable height beds mean that the bed can be positioned at the correct height for wheelchair transfers. Many users find that positioning the bed at the least the same height as the wheelchair seat assists transfers, whilst others prefer to position the bed so that they drop down slightly onto it when transferring into bed, and drop down off it when transferring out of bed, especially if upper body strength is an issue.

Improved Accessibility

It is often possible to use the bed to lift you from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa, by utilising the height adjustability of an adjustable bed. This is achieved by pressing the appropriate button on the electronic handset which gently lifts you from a sitting to a standing position with the minimum of effort.

Do Adjustable Beds Assist Mobility?

Bakare Beds are designed primarily to assist mobility and offer orthopaedic comfort to those that find sleeping on a standard bed difficult, strenuous or painful. A multitude of profiling positions enables you to find the perfect position to achieve comfort and relaxation.

What is the Average Cost of an Adjustable Mobility Bed?

Prices vary enormously based on the features and construction of the beds. Basic divan style fixed height adjustable beds can be purchased from as little £475 (ex VAT). High specification twin beds (2 single beds integrated) with specialist functionality can cost as much as £6500.

Bakare’s range are high specification adjustable beds, designed & manufactured in Germany to relevant quality and medical device standards and typically cost between £1775 – £2595 for a single bed.


At Bakare, we work very closely with our clients to make sure that get exactly the right adjustable mobility bed for their needs. Many of our beds have a “future-proof” design meaning they can be upgraded if users’ requirements change at a later stage. For example, our Evolution 400 Residential Bed can be enhanced at any time with “assist” side rails making it easier to get in and out of bed, or even with top and bottom split side rails so that the bed provides greater security and ease of use for carers.

Established in 1993, Bakare is a trusted and reliable partner with decades of experience and expertise. We are dedicated to providing customers with genuine solutions that really meet their needs and have an unrivalled reputation as a truly caring and conscientious company.

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