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Increasing feelings of independence – and keeping up with “normal” routines – is a vital part of helping people retain their dignity when they fall sick. However, all too often, couples who may have been sharing a bed for many years (often for decades!) find themselves forced to sleep apart when one of them needs extra care.

This can be a very upsetting and unsettling experience for both partners. Aside from the disruption caused by having separate sleeping arrangements, being forced to sleep in separate beds can be very disturbing for people used to the close and comforting proximity of their loved one.

Fortunately, there is a range of double beds available that mean couples can continue sleeping together even when one needs the extra reassurance, support and comfort that a dedicated care bed provides.

The key to a really successful double profiling bed is flexibility. It’s vital that the bed satisfies the needs of both partners. This could mean that both sides of the bed are fully height adjustable – or just one side if that’s all that’s required. Bakare’s Bello Sonno Double has a range of options, but four-section profiling on both sides comes as standard. This means that couples can adjust their sides of the bed with completely independent settings – so you can both get really comfy even if you want to be in completely different positions.

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There is a four-section profiling lying surface on both sides of the bed and this, too, can be adjusted independently on both sides. The lying surface features adjustable back and knee sections and has been engineered for maximum comfort – whether sitting up or lying down. An ingenious anti-stomach compression system also provides extra comfort and ease of use – you won’t have the unpleasant experience of feeling “bent double” when you want to sit up or be in danger of sliding down the bed. The bed can also be complemented by a pressure relieving mattress – a range has been specially designed for the Bello Sonno (and other Bakare beds) to boost health and maximise comfort.

Despite all the many features of the double profiling bed, it will still look great in a home setting. We know that, over the years, you’ve taken care to create a living environment that’s perfect for you – and the Bello Sonno Double Bed means you can keep your bedroom looking exactly how you want it. Forget traditional hospital beds – the Bello Sonno Partner Double is stylish, beautifully crafted and available in 11 different wood colours so it can fit in perfectly with existing décor. However, the Bello Sonno range is so appealing that you might well decide to pick other items of furniture from the range as well – such as our Bello Sonno ready-assembled wardrobes or chests of drawers.

As with all Bakare beds, the Bello Sonno can be tailored with a range of optional features. One or both sides can be height adjustable and there are also optional wall board, assist or nursing rails and – of course – a choice of lying surface. The “adjustable height” option can take the bed’s height from as low as 25cm right up to 82cm. This makes it easier to get in and out of bed unassisted, and also gives you greater reassurance and confidence when you’re in bed. The height adjustability also makes it safer and easier to provide care and therapy. A wide range of additional accessories can provide further support as needed, such as grab poles, overhead lamps, “server” trays on wheels, and floor lights.

The other great thing about Bakare beds is the level of support you’ll get – right from the moment you first visit one of our assessment centres to choose your bed to unrivalled after-sales service. Our beds are solidly and robustly built to stand the test of time (some of our beds are still “out in the field” 30 years after being delivered) but, if you do need help or advice, 365-days-a-year support is just a phone call away. Bakare is a trusted and reliable partner with decades of experience and expertise. We’re conscientious, truly caring and dedicated to providing you with genuine solutions that really meet your needs. 

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