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But undoubtedly sleep is tremendously important. It recharges the batteries on life, it balances out the energy excesses of the day that’s just passed while preparing you for one that’s about to start.

However, not everyone has what’s perceived to be a normal life, yet beds, the way we sleep and the need to ‘recharge’ remains vitally important. At Bakare Beds we completely understand the specialist healthcare bed market, which is why we offer what we believe is the finest range of specialist beds in the UK today.

Our belief is that technology and innovation born and bred in Germany delivers an unrivalled quality product that allows for as much independent living as physically possible.

Our motor controlled beds have been developed with therapists and carers and are height adjustable, easily moveable products that feature side rails and tilt systems. Best of all, our beds are designed to look like beds in a range of stylish, aesthetic designs and not like some clunky, hospital style, metal frame product.

And when it comes to children our junior healthcare beds are in a different league. Not only do they feature the fully motorized system that makes life just that little bit easier, but they also come in a brightly coloured range or premium wood finishes with non toxic, eco paint.

But it’s the innovation of Klearside® that steals the show, especially with children’s beds. Not only does this clear sided system removes stress for the person using the bed, allowing them to see out, but it’s also wonderfully reassuring for parents and carers to see in and check quickly how sleep is progressing. It’s one of the ways in which our beds help everyone get a better night sleep, not just the person using it.

And there it is … the beauty of a Bakare Bed is not just about what it does for the people that use them, there’s a genuine benefit to everyone around them. Therapists, carers and family members all find it easier to help loved ones and patients who in are these beds.

But above anything else Bakare Beds offer a higher degree of dignity and a unexpected level of independence and all while looking just like your normal furniture … high tech features and genuine innovation, hiding beautifully behind a degree of interior style.

So if you ask ‘what price a good night sleep?’, maybe you should be asking ‘what price a better all round lifestyle for those that need help?’

The answer is simple … the answer is a Bakare Bed.

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