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When it comes to business, everyone tends to blow their own trumpet. They brag, they elaborate and in some instance they no doubt exaggerate.

The reason they do this sort of thing is that they want to engage with you the consumer, they want you to like them and ultimately they want you to buy their products.

At Bakare Beds we like to think of ourselves as slightly different. We like to think of ourselves as down to earth, as normal, as decent people that run a decent business. The reasons we don’t have to exaggerate about the products we offer is because they’re good and in our opinion they’re the very best healthcare beds on the market but of course you’d expect us to say that wouldn’t you.

So when it comes to who consumers should listen to, we would always encourage any potential customers to listen to our existing customers, that way you’re getting that wonderfully credible and hugely valuable third party endorsement.

Talk to the people that already have a Bakare bed in their homes, read what they have said about our products and in some instances look at what they’ve posted about the extensive range we offer.

Just so you have them handy, here are our ‘top of the pops’ style, all time favourite quotes that customers have said about us at Bakare Beds:

10) ‘Great to know customer care is paramount’
9) ‘The knowledge and advice you gave us with a genuinely friendly and attentive disposition never fails to impress’
8) ‘This bed kept my mother out of hospital for as long as possible’
7) ‘Being able to lift up the back of the bed with a remote and raise the whole bed in one piece to waist height was crucial’
6) ‘Just to say a big thanks for all your help over the past weeks, the bed looks great and we are very pleased’
5) ‘It’s so nice to find a company who really deliver such a fantastic after sales service’
4) ‘I also want to say again how pleased I am with the Cot Bed, the craftsmanship is impeccable and Amy seems really comfortable’
3) ‘It is quite refreshing to have such caring input’
2) ‘Childhood sweethearts Dave and Belinda are sharing a bed once more thanks to a high tech solution and determination of staff’

and in top spot … our personal favourite quote which makes it all worth while:

1) ‘Thanks you so much for all your help in getting a bed sorted. … Jason is now able to come home for Christmas. We are so grateful’

So, just to remind you, don’t take our word for how good we are at Bakare Beds … take the word of the customers that have experienced our service, that have used our products and most of all have seen how we care just that little bit more.


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