Hospital Style Beds for Home: A Closer Look at Medical Beds for Home Use in the UK

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The need for home care solutions has grown significantly. Medical beds for home use have become a crucial component in ensuring comfort, safety, and independence for individuals with various health conditions. 

Whether for temporary recovery or long-term care, choosing the right medical bed can make a substantial difference in the quality of life for both the patient and their carers. 

Bakare® Beds, a leading supplier of electric profiling beds, offers a range of high-quality medical beds designed to meet these needs. This article will explore the essential features and benefits of medical beds for home use, helping you make an informed decision for your loved ones.

Understanding Medical Beds for Home Use

Our medical beds are designed to provide hospital-like functionality in the comfort of your own home. These beds are ideal for individuals who may require care and assistance due to chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, or recovery from surgery. 

They offer features such as adjustable height, Trenedelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg (tilting capabilities), and electronic controls that enhance both patient comfort and carer efficiency.

Moreover, these beds are crafted with durable materials to withstand regular use and ensure longevity, often in excess of 15 years. They feature lockable casters for easy mobility and secure positioning, making it simpler to move the bed when needed. 

By bringing advanced healthcare technology into the home, medical beds help create a safer and more comfortable environment for both patients and their families.

The Benefits of a Profiling Bed

A profiling bed is an advanced type of medical bed that allows for multiple adjustments to the bed’s lying surface shape, to support various parts of the body, including the head, back, and legs. 

This adjustability helps in reducing pressure sores, improving circulation, and providing optimal positioning for different activities, such as eating, reading, or watching TV.

Profiling beds are particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those who spend a significant amount of time in bed. They provide the necessary support to different body parts, which can alleviate pain and prevent complications associated with prolonged immobility. 

Additionally, profiling beds make it easier for carers to assist patients with daily activities, enhancing the overall care experience.

Why Choose Adjustable Beds?

Adjustable beds are a popular choice for home care due to their versatility and ease of use. They can be adjusted to various positions, enabling patients to find the most comfortable and supportive posture. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, chronic pain, or those recovering from surgery. Adjustable beds can also help carers by reducing the physical strain of moving patients manually.

The flexibility of adjustable beds allows for a more personalised care experience, catering to the unique needs of each patient. Whether it’s elevating the legs to reduce swelling or raising the head to improve breathing, these beds offer practical solutions to common health concerns. 

Their ease of adjustment also means that patients can change positions independently, promoting a sense of autonomy and dignity.

Features to Consider in Medical Beds

When selecting a medical bed, there are several key features to consider. Look for beds with side rails for reduced risk from falls and improved mobility, a robust mattress platform to support various mattress types, and easy-to-use controls. 

It is also essential to consider the bed’s weight capacity and adjustability range to ensure it meets the specific needs of the patient. Bariatric beds are available for users with weight in excess of 25 stone.

By choosing a well-equipped medical bed, you can significantly enhance the care and comfort provided at home.

Hospital Beds for Home: Meeting Medical Needs

Hospital beds for home use are designed to meet stringent medical standards, primarily BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 standard for beds for medical use, for particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of healthcare and hospital / medical beds.  

These beds are constructed to support various medical devices and accessories, ensuring comprehensive care for patients with complex medical conditions. By replicating the capabilities of hospital beds in a home setting, they help in maintaining a high standard of care.

Dual Bed Options for Couples

For couples where one partner requires a medical bed, dual bed options can be a great solution. These beds allow one side to function as a standard bed while the other side is a medical bed with all necessary adjustments. This setup maintains intimacy and normalcy in the bedroom while addressing specific medical needs.

Dual bed systems are designed to blend seamlessly with standard bedroom furniture, ensuring that the room remains aesthetically pleasing. 

They often come with individual controls for each side, allowing both partners to adjust their bed positions independently. This versatility makes dual beds an excellent choice for maintaining comfort and connection in shared living spaces.

Enhancing Safety with Side Rails

Side rails are a critical safety feature for medical beds. They can reduce the risk of injury from accidentally falling out of bed and provide support when getting in and out of bed. Look for beds with integrated adjustable side rails that can be lowered or raised as needed, offering both security and ease of access.

Modern side rails are designed with patient comfort in mind, featuring padded surfaces and easy-release mechanisms. 

Some side rails also come with built-in controls or storage compartments for added convenience. By incorporating side rails into the design of a medical bed, you can significantly enhance the safety and usability of the bed, ensuring peace of mind for both patients and carers.

Preventing Pressure Sores

Pressure sores are a common concern for immobile patients. Common solutions to manage pressure sores often feature specialised mattresses or overlay systems that redistribute pressure and improve circulation. Regularly adjusting the bed’s position can also help in preventing these sores by relieving pressure on vulnerable areas.

Advanced pressure-relief systems, such as alternating air mattresses, can further reduce the risk of developing sores. These systems work by periodically changing the points of pressure contact, promoting blood flow and reducing the likelihood of tissue damage. 

By prioritising pressure sore prevention in the design of a medical bed, you can ensure greater comfort and health outcomes for the patient.

Experience Comfort and Independence with Bakare® Beds

Choosing the right medical bed for home use is crucial for ensuring the comfort, safety, and independence of individuals in need of care. 

Bakare® Beds offers a range of electric profiling beds that are designed to meet diverse medical needs while enhancing the quality of life for both patients and carers. By incorporating advanced features and listening to customer feedback, Bakare® Beds remains at the forefront of home care solutions.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and independence with Bakare® Beds. Explore our range of medical beds for home use and discover how we can help you or your loved ones live more comfortably and independently. Visit Bakare® Beds today and take the first step towards a better care experience.

With Bakare® Beds, you are choosing quality, innovation, and a trusted partner dedicated to improving lives through exceptional care solutions.

Disclaimer: we recommend seeking consultation and a risk assessment from a healthcare professional such as an occupational therapist when specifying any equipment, such as beds, side rails or alternating air mattresses.

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