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Volker 3080 Adjustable Bed

BaKare Beds can now offer both the Volker 2080 & 3080 nursing beds alongside their latest 2082 & 3082 iterations to suit all requirements.

The Volker 3080 was ground-breaking in its design and was the first nursing bed to offer split assist rails whilst other beds were still offering full-length side rails. This unique, patented system meant the side rails disappear within the lying surface when not in use, with the added benefit of providing a firm support to assist the user when moving – a big improvement over slide under the mattress bed rails on offer by other suppliers.

The other pioneering feature offered by the Volker 3080, was the ability for the assist-rails to profile in line with the lying surface meaning full protection from falls was provided even when the head and knee sections were raised.

In 2009, the Volker 3082 was released with the Volker 2082 sharing the same updated undercarriage. The 3082/2082 featured new Porsche developed drive motors. The new motor drive system shares a similar high specification with those found on Volker’s hospital beds, meaning that they contain built-in battery backups, providing finite, continued use during power outages. The new drives also offer computer based diagnostics & tuning using a provided PC interface.

However, BaKare Beds have always practised a philosophy of providing the best possible equipment at the best possible price. Whilst there are institutional customers such as hospices or homes providing full nursing care requiring the higher-specification of the Volker 3082 / 2082 nursing beds, we believe that it is right to continue to offer the Volker 2080 / 3080 to our customers such as those in their own homes.

You can also rest-assured that all of our beds, including the Volker 2080, 3080, 2082 & 3082 comply with  EN 60601-2-52/2010, the new European standard for profiling beds which all manufacturers must adhere to by April 2013.

Comparison Chart
 Volker 2080 / 3080Volker 2082 / 3082
Drive MotorsIlconVolker / Porsche Designed
Battery BackupOptionalIntegrated
Weight Limit210kg230kg
Interface for PC-based diagnostics and tuningNot AvailableStandard
Interface for Environmental Controls, such as PossumStandardNot Available

To view detailed features and pricing, please follow this link.

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