Variable Height Profiling Bed Images

What are the advantages of Variable Height Profiling Beds?

A variable height profiling bed can be raised & lowered at the touch of a button on the handset. The handset controls low voltage electric motors which raise and lower the bed.

Variable Height Profiling Beds at the push of a button.

Varying the height of the bed is beneficial for those with a limited mobility when getting into and out of bed. The variable height also aids those that transfer from a wheelchair to set the bed at the correct level to assist the manoeuvre into or out of bed.

A variable height bed can be raised to a high height, which means that carers don’t have to bend dangerously when assisting a user. Variable height reduces the risk of back injury to the carer and is a requirement by many social services authorities which provide home nursing care.

Some variable height beds can lower themselves very close to the floor, meaning that if you were to fall out of bed, there would be a reduced risk of injury. For extra low beds, please visit our low electric bed section.

For users with restricted mobility or disabilities which impair movement, the electrically controlled profiling facilitates independent positioning in order to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, which can help to maximise comfort & assist relaxation.

Profiling beds can also be used to sit-up the user prior to transfer into or out of bed. Some variable height profiling beds offer a chair or comfort position which is perfect for those that want to eat, read or relax in bed.

Our beds have separate head, centre & foot sections which are all independently moveable. The handset controls low voltage electric motors which change the profile of the bed.

Powered by a motor underneath the mattress surface, each section of the bed can be positioned independently.

Independent adjustable lying surface with profiling controlled using a handset.

The back section on BaKare’s beds is automatically withdrawn when raising, in order to reduce stomach compression.For further questions, please contact us for more advice.

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