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BaKare Beds have knowledgeable staff boasting decades of experience of assistive equipment, and it is our clients who often benefit from this.

We are regularly called into organisations to provide training and guidance on existing equipment and also provide advice when our clients are considering replacing products.

In an increasing regulatory environment, we can provide advice and training on how to safely and legally provide the best quality care for your patients, with a common concern being safe and effective use of height adjustable beds with side rails (cot sides) where there is a risk of falls.

The feedback from our  clients is always positive such as the comment below from a training session provided to a leading hospice last week :

A huge great big thank you Mark! I’ve had lots of comments about how useful the training session was on Tuesday, it’s really changed people’s opinions of the beds. And I’ve also had several comments about how you are such a good speaker and trainer!

Thanks, Alison, 12/10/12

If you have concerns regarding safe and efficient client care, please contact us in order to discuss your concerns.

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If you’re disabled or have a long-term medical condition; or a charity is purchasing the goods, you will not be charged VAT on zero-rated products such as adjustable beds & medical mattresses. Also, you will not be charged VAT on the installation and any extra work needed as part of this; repairs or maintenance; spare parts or accessories.

Simply complete the adjacent form with your name and medical condition and VAT will be removed from your order.

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