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Sleep is a fundamental necessity for every individual. Yet, for those living with physical disabilities or mobility issues, the simple act of lying down and getting up can be a daily challenge. Thankfully, disabled beds exist and they can still enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

With advancements in bed technologies, the industry is revolutionising the way disabled individuals experience sleep and restoring the joy of a restful night. Leading the pack in these transformative innovations is Bakare® Beds, a brand synonymous with enabling independence through assistive technology.

1. Personalised Comfort with Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds, often dubbed the pinnacle of comfort, have transformed sleeping experiences. With the touch of a button, these electric beds allow users to modify sleeping positions, ensuring their body finds that perfect comfort spot. They address pain points and allow the sleeper to elevate particular parts of their body, reducing pressure on joints. As a result, individuals find relief from discomfort and enjoy quality sleep. 

2. Double the Functionality with Adjustable Double Beds

Adjustable double beds not only cater to individual preferences but also offer dual settings for couples with diverse sleeping needs. One side can be inclined for reading, while the other remains flat for a serene slumber. These beds represent a beautiful blend of personal space and shared experience.

3. Power-Packed Performance of Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric adjustable beds are truly game-changers. With intuitive controls and seamless movements, users can easily modify their sleeping or sitting posture. They empower individuals with mobility issues, providing them with the autonomy to adjust their bed to the most comfortable angle. 

For those with conditions that require periodic elevation of legs or head, these beds offer the perfect solution.

4. Revolutionary Disabled Beds

The core essence of Bakare®’s mission, disabled beds are tailor-made for individuals with mobility challenges. Designed after listening to real-life challenges, these beds provide more than just comfort. 

They are a symbol of independence, offering those with physical disabilities the freedom to move, rest, and sleep without assistance. The reclining beds aspect is especially beneficial, giving users the liberty to relax in any position they desire.

5. Mobility Beds: A Leap Towards Independence

Mobility beds are another feather in the cap for Bakare® Beds. Designed to support individuals striving for independence and mobility, these beds have become a beacon of hope for many. Their design focuses on easy transfers, reducing the risk of injuries while getting in or out of bed. 

With Bakare’s continued innovation in this space, individuals can now look forward to a future where their bed supports them in every step towards regaining mobility.

6. Alleviating Pressure Points: The Role of Specialist Mattresses

The correct fillings in mattresses are making a notable impact on the sleep industry. Here’s why:

  • Adaptability: These fillings adapt to the body’s contours, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Even Weight Distribution: They distribute weight uniformly, reducing the strain on specific pressure points.
  • Deep Sleep: The comfort provided by natural fillings often translates to a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

The Bakare® Beds Medi-Pro GelCool Mattress offers all the advantages of conventional memory foam mattresses combined with the exceptional added benefits of Geltex® inside. Geltex® Inside is an incredible innovation that represents the next evolution for medical mattresses, bringing together superb breathability with outstanding pressure care, luxurious softness and unparalleled body support and comfort.

Beyond these benefits, it’s essential to research and understand the origin and processing of these natural fillings to ensure they align with your personal and environmental preferences.

8. Future-Ready Beds: The Integration of Assistive Technology

The world is rapidly evolving with the aid of technology, and the realm of beds isn’t far behind. While Bakare® Beds incorporates some advanced features, the larger industry trend points towards:

  • Remote Control Access: Allowing for easy adjustments without physical exertion.
  • Home Automation Integration: Some beds can now communicate with other devices, offering a more seamless living experience.

However, with greater integration of technology, there’s also a learning curve involved, and potential users should be aware and prepared to familiarise themselves with these features.

Sleeping into the Future with the Help of an Electric Adjustable Bed

The journey from the conception of Bakare® in 1989, inspired by a personal connection to the struggles of those with mobility issues, to the present day, is filled with milestones of innovation and care. It’s evident that these beds are more than just furniture; they are life-changing tools. The combination of advanced technology and an empathetic approach, refined with insights from healthcare professionals like Wendy, have created a holistic sleep solution.

If you or a loved one seek the perfect blend of comfort, independence, and quality sleep, look no further. Bakare® Beds has a rich legacy of transforming lives and sleep experiences. Discover the perfect bed solution for your needs and redefine the way you experience sleep.

Are you ready to dive into a world of transformative sleep? Dive into the Bakare® Beds collection today and find your perfect sleeping companion.

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