Another very satisfied customer who purchased one of our cutting edge premium Evolution 400 low beds (see feedback form below). We offer the Evolution 400 low bed with various lying surface sizes to choose from, including 4ft wide.

The Evolution 400 low bed is one of the most flexible specification care beds available in the UK. An example of this would be to keep initial purchase costs down, the Evolution 400 low bed can be ordered as follows:

  1. No side rails.
  2. Two head section rails (assistive) that assist the user from transferring in out of bed.
  3. Four side rails (quad) which provides full length protection for the user so they cannot roll out of bed. Each side rail can be lowered independently for unrestricted access for care, physiotherapy or changing clothes as examples.

This makes the Evolution 400 low bed virtually future-proof, as any arrangement of side rails can be added at any point in the future to an existing Evolution 400 low bed.

BaKare have a team of highly experienced ‘friendly’ product advisors on-hand, to answer any product related questions you may have.

Call one of the team on 01752 512222 or Contact Us.


Evo 400 Client Feedback

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