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best adjustable beds for elderly

Selecting the right adjustable bed for elderly or individuals with limited mobility is not just about comfort; it’s about improving the quality of their daily life. With numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to find the best adjustable beds for elderly people. 

This guide aims to simplify your decision-making process by comparing a range of high-quality adjustable beds from Bakare® Beds. Ready to choose the best adjustable bed?

Understanding the Needs of Seniors and Individuals with Limited Mobility

Before diving into product comparisons, it’s essential to understand what makes an adjustable bed ideal for seniors or those with individuals with limited mobility. Key factors include ease of use, comfort, safety features, and the ability to adapt to changing needs. Features like electric height adjustment, profiling lying surfaces, and the availability of side rails are crucial considerations.

Here’s what to look for when it comes to advanced features: 

  • User-Friendly Controls: Enhancing ease of use for seniors and those with limited mobility.
  • Head and Foot Articulation: Allows for personalised positioning to alleviate neck and shoulder pain.
  • Relief from Sleep Apnea: Adjustable positioning helps in managing sleep apnea symptoms.
  • Quality Mattress Compatibility: Essential for a good night’s sleep and overall comfort.
  • Low Height Options and Lockable Castor Wheels: For safety and ease of mobility.
  • Expandability and Side Rails Options: Adaptable to changing needs and conditions.
  • Pressure Redistribution: Helps in preventing bedsores and enhancing comfort for prolonged bed use.
  • Visibility and Safety Features: Including clear sides and anti-entrapment mattresses for certain models.

Best Adjustable Beds for Elderly

Now that we know what to look for, it’s time to take a peek at some of the best adjustable bed frames for seniors!

  1. Impulse 400 Single Residential Bed Frame

The Impulse 400 Single Residential Bed is a top choice for individuals who need a comfortable, single-user bed. The 90cm/3ft wide lying surface is spacious, and the electric height adjustment and profiling features allow users to find their perfect sleep position easily. This bed is designed to cater to the unique needs of each user, making it an excellent choice for those who value comfort and personalised settings.

In addition to its functional attributes, the Impulse 400 boasts a homely appearance. The option to choose between a low or standard height footboard and the inclusion of hidden wheels make this bed a perfect blend of form and function. It’s an ideal choice for those who want a bed that looks less like a piece of medical equipment and more like a natural part of their home decor.

  1. Bello Sonno Single Profiling Bed

The Bello Sonno Single Profiling Bed stands out with its stylish and homely design. Like the Impulse 400, it offers a 90cm/3ft wide lying surface, along with electric height adjustment and profiling capabilities. These features ensure that users can adjust their bed to their precise comfort needs, whether it’s for sleeping, reading, or simply relaxing.

What sets the Bello Sonno apart is its future-proof design. The bed can be easily adapted with side rails if the user’s needs change, offering a long-term solution. This feature, combined with its stylish appearance and hidden wheels, makes the Bello Sonno an excellent investment for those looking for a bed that will grow with them.

  1. Bello Sonno Double Profiling Bed

The Bello Sonno Double Profiling Bed is an innovative solution for couples with different care needs. This bed essentially combines two single beds, each of which can be adjusted independently. It allows couples to stay together in the same bed while having the freedom to adjust their side of the bed to their own preferences.

Apart from its adjustable features, this bed is designed for practicality. The beds can be moved apart for easy cleaning or care purposes, making it a practical choice for home care scenarios. The future-proof design also allows for the addition of side rails, ensuring that the bed can be adapted to changing care requirements.

  1. Impulse 400 Quad Single Adjustable Bed Base

The Impulse 400 Quad Single Adjustable Bed is tailored for those who require a higher level of care. With its split side rail system, this bed serves as both an assistive and full-care bed. The 4-section profiling and a broad range of height adjustments make it suitable for a variety of care needs, from minimal assistance to more intensive care.

Available with both low and standard height footboards, the Impulse 400 Quad caters to different preferences and needs. This bed is designed keeping in mind the user’s comfort and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for those who need a versatile and adaptable bed solution.

  1. Bello Sonno Small Double Profiling Bed

The Bello Sonno Small Double Profiling Bed frame offers a wider 120cm/4ft lying surface, ideal for those who need more space. It retains the stylish and homely appearance of the Bello Sonno range, making it a visually appealing addition to any room. This bed is perfect for individuals who appreciate both comfort and design in their living space.

Like its single counterpart, this small double bed is designed to be future-proof, with the option to add side rails if required. This feature ensures that the bed remains a valuable asset even as the user’s needs evolve over time. The combination of aesthetics and functionality makes this bed a top choice for discerning users.

  1. Impulse 400 Small Double Residential Bed

The Impulse 400 Small Double Residential Bed extends the comfort and functionality of the Impulse 400 range to a larger 120cm/4ft lying surface. This bed is ideal for those who require extra space for comfort or care purposes. Its electric height adjustment and profiling surface provide a customizable sleep experience.

Continuing the trend of blending functionality with aesthetics, this bed also features hidden wheels and the option of a low or standard height footboard. These features ensure that the bed fits seamlessly into the home environment, providing comfort without sacrificing style.

  1. Klearside® Low Small Double Bed Frame

The Klearside® Low Small Double bed is unique for its emphasis on visibility and safety. Designed for users who require constant monitoring, this bed provides maximum visibility for both the user and their carers. Its height adjustment and Anti-Trendelenburg tilt function cater to specific medical needs, offering a high level of care and comfort.

Equipped with the Klearside® anti-entrapment mattress, this bed adds an extra layer of safety, making it an ideal choice for those with significant care needs. The bed’s design focuses on user safety and comfort, making it a specialised option for those requiring advanced care solutions.

Ready to Choose Some of the Best Adjustable Beds?

In the quest to find the best adjustable beds for the elderly and individuals with limited mobility, Bakare® Beds stands out with its range of options designed to cater to various needs. Whether you seek a bed with advanced features like a wireless remote, a robust bed frame for restful sleep, or an adjustable base to enhance sleep quality, Bakare® Beds offers a solution.

Discover the ideal adjustable bed for your needs at Bakare® Beds. With our focus on facilitating independence and enhancing quality of life, we are your trusted partner in finding the perfect sleep solution. Remember, with Bakare® Beds, you’re not just choosing a bed; you’re choosing a pathway to improved independence and comfort.

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