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Reviews of BaKare Beds

In a world where no-one believes what companies say about themselves, BaKare Beds continues to grow and thrive due to referrals and recommendations. We treat our customers in a way that we hope they love what we do and go on to become our ambassadors and fans.

Feedback follows below:

> Hi
> Many thanks Alex and the team for a speedy repair of our bed, much appreciated. Great to know customer care is paramount.
> Sally Slater and Mrs Brooks.
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I am so sorry for not writing sooner in regards to my new mattress which either or it has become softer or less likely I have become used to 🙃
The arrival of the mattress was soon followed by a massive health nose dive, it seems I do not do things in small doses so the timing was excellent !!

Any way I need to thank you not only for all the information you provided regarding the best mattress to go with my Volker 3082 bed that would meet all my needs the knowledge and advise you gave us with a genuine friendly and attentive disposition never fails to impress, you are a credit to your company Please feel free to pass our sincere thanks to your bosses and if you ever need a recommendation please feel free to ask us.

With 5*****s and genuine thanks
From your friendly repeat customer
Kind and sincere regards


I just wanted to let you know how successful the bed was that I bought from you for my father  in 2002, when he came out of hospital after a major operation.  It served him well to the end of his life, and also my mother until she died recently in March 2018.

Being able to lift up the back of the bed with a remote, and also to raise the whole bed in one piece to waist height was crucial in the last stages of my mother’s care, as it meant visiting carers could give her a bed bath without her having to get out of bed.   This kept her at home and out of hospital for as long as possible.  The waterproof mattress was still fully functional after all those years service.

The bed has always looked stylish, with a beech wood frame,  so that no-one suspected it was a fully functioning hospital bed, with sides that could be raised etc.  It has served us very well and was worth every penny.   16 years service is pretty good for a bed of any description.

Thank you so much for helping my parents in the last stages of their lives, to be able to live at home and keep their dignity.

I would be happy for you to use the comments on your review page if you so wish, but please only show initials for my name.

With best wishes,

S Jennett


Hi Jen

Yes, the engineer was fab, a really nice guy, and the bed is up and running just in time for your busy Easter Hol’s.

We are fine to wait for the footboard.  Thank you so much 😊

Have a great Easter weekend.

Best wishes


Sent: 18 December 2017 09:44
To: Alex Haste
Subject: Re: Payment successful

Hi Alex,

Thank you so much for all your helping in getting a bed sort, Jason is now able to come home for Christmas we are so grateful. So thank you for everything.



Sent: 05 December 2017 19:43
To: Alex Haste 
Subject: Re: Confirmation of payment

Hi Alex, just to say a big thank you for all your help over the past weeks, the bed looks great and we are very pleased. Dean and his colleague were very helpful on installation. We also wish you all a Happy Christmas Best wishes from Kay Graham & Margaret.

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Sent: 30 November 2017 11:06
To: Jennifer Nicholls <
Subject: RE: D Watkins

Hi Jennifer
Thank you for you message and your help with this matter and please thank all those concerned its so nice to find a company who really deliver such a fantastic after sales service

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Just a quick email to say thank you for organising the change around of Amy’s Bed next week.

I also want to say again how so pleased I am with the Cot Bed, the craftsmanship is impeccable and Amy seems very comfortable . Thank you again for your patience Alex, you have been brilliant.

Kindest Regards


Dear Shaun,

If has been a good few months now since i had my bed installed. I had tried it with the mattress i had all ready but after a few weeks it would not bend right and became very uncomfortable. So i put on the mattress that was given to me by you.

I have to say, that i have not had a good nights sleep in months it has been heaven ever since. I wanted to say to yourself and to every one that was involved in sorting my bed out from start to finish a HUGE THANK YOU . I have recommended your company and team highly. Once again Shaun thank you.



Hi Alex,

I just wanted to email to say thank you for organising the swift delivery of the bed for my client. The client and family are very happy with the product and it being the first hi lo bed I have ordered, I am impressed with it too. Completely meets my client’s needs.

Many Thanks,


Dear Mark,

Thank you for the speedy attention to my problems yesterday. Thank you so much.




Yes of course you made the process very easy to us and incredible customer service so would definitely highly recommend!

We will of course wait to here from you on the arrival of the recliner chair to sort delivery



Hi Alex

Thanks for your help in ensuring that Peter will be able to operate the bed using his Environmental Control.

It is quite refreshing to have such caring input – we have experienced so much ‘off hand’ treatment to our clients, in the past – infuriating!   (Not from your company, I hasten to add!!!)

I know we have ‘gone on a bit’ but it would be an expensive mistake for Peter, so please excuse the constant questions – we only have Peter’s best interests at heart.

The problem mostly appears to be caused by the offending Company’s change of the type of actuator, and its connection to the handset, and  even though the bed is identical in every other way,  this renders the bed incompatible and so cannot be operated by our clients through the EC unit.  As this is essential for most of our clients, we are delighted to know we can rely on your company.   If anyone asks about a suitable bed to purchase, I shall be recommending your company.

Anyway, thank you so much, on behalf of us all.


Childhood sweethearts Dave Withers and his wife Belinda are sharing a bed once more thanks to a hi-tech solution and the determination of staff at Sirona care & health and South Gloucestershire Council.

Dave, 44, from Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire, has suffered severe complications due to diabetes including a below-the-knee amputation of one leg. He also has secondary respiratory failure, sleep apnoea which means he needs a special machine to breathe at night and is on the waiting list for a guide dog due to deteriorating eyesight.

At 6ft 4ins, his remaining leg, which is also under threat from amputation, was affected by a footboard on the standard hospital bed which he needed and his 43-year-old wife was sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Due to Dave’s health needs, funding was available to cover the cost of a hi-tech hospital style bed without a footer for him but that meant Belinda was still not able to be with her husband.

Sirona, a not-for-profit social enterprise providing specialist community health and social care across South Gloucestershire, has a charitable arm called the Sirona Foundation and each Christmas staff are able to nominate individuals who would benefit from funds.

Dominic Hardman, Sirona’s Assistant Locality Manager, who with Sharon Wilson, an occupational therapist with South Gloucestershire Council has been involved in Dave’s care, requested help for the couple. The Foundation’s Trustees were moved by the case presented by Dominic and could see how such a simple gesture could improve the quality of life for both Dave and Belinda. They had no hesitation in funding the difference to enable a double bed to be ordered.

Dave, a father-of-three – Alex, 20, Darcy, 15 and Dec, 14 – said: “I was so choked when I got the call to say that the Sirona Foundation was funding the bed; it is things like this which really make a big difference.

“I really could not be happier; I found it hard at just over 40 that we had to sleep in single beds and more recently Belinda was on a mattress on the floor – it wasn’t out of choice but from necessity. We can’t even sit on the sofa together as I have to have a special chair.

“Having the bed brought back how it should be for a couple; we’ve been married 24 years this year and together a couple of years before that.

“We were over the moon when the bed came, we were even able to choose the colour so it matched the bedroom; there’s not much room in there because of the lift to take me upstairs. Sirona staff have been stars; without people like those from Sirona and the NHS, I wouldn’t be here now.”

Foundation Trustee Dusty Walker said: “It is often the small things which we all take for granted that mean the most when they are taken away and we were delighted to be able to help the couple have together time again.”

Sirona Foundation worked with BaKare Beds which specialises in enabling people in need of care to live their life as independently as possible through the use of technology.

Alex Haste from BaKare Beds, who discounted the cost of the double bed to help the couple, said: “Our products have been designed in collaboration with therapists, carers, and of course users of specialist products.

“We listened to Sharon to find out exactly what was needed and the Bello Sonno Split Companion Bed was best suited to meet Mr Withers requirements. This model also allowed him to continue sleeping next to his wife whilst having his own fully functional side of the bed for care. We are incredibly pleased to have been able to play our part in helping Mr and Mrs Withers.”

Pictured Dave and Belinda with Sharon Wilson and Melanie Kendal, Community Rehabilitation Team Physiotherapist from Sirona.


Spoke to Mr Withers today and visiting to review the bed on Thursday morning.
He reported that the bed is fantastic and is really pleased with it.

Many Thanks for all your help in arranging this, it has made a significant difference to Mr Withers’ life.


Community Occupational Therapist

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