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Evolution 400 Low Bed


The Evolution 400 nursing bed uses intelligent motor control systems to ensure excellent comfort and positioning assistance for the user, whilst offering the carer time saving and safety features during moving and handling operations. The concealed braking system offers increased stability whilst retaining its aesthetics.

Lowering the bed to the floor significantly reduces the risk of injuries from a fall from bed.

A choice of wooden finishes, side rails and accessories allow the Evolution 400 to provide solutions such as increased user safety and the ability to promote and maintain independence. Its design and choice of colour features allow it to compliment any room setting.

Evolution 400 Low Care Bed

Evolution 400 Low Care Bed

Evolution 400 LR100 Low Care Bed

Evolution 400 LS Low Care Bed


  • Raise back section & knees for comfort or therapy.
  • Adjust height for transfers or care.
  • Choose from a range of wood colours to match your decor.
  • Operate bed functions with convenient handset control.
  • Easier transfers with quad assist rails.
  • Choose from a range of accessories.

Standard Features

  • Four section profiling.
  • Anti-stomach compression.
  • Height adjustment from extra low to high (25-82cm).
  • Also available in 4ft (120cm) width.
  • Safety low voltage handset & control system.
  • Trendelenburg & Anti-Trendelenburg.
  • Safety and Eco-friendly power cut-off.
  • Meets current & future (due April 2013) EU / UK legal & safety requirements.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on this bed (subject to Terms).

The four-part reclining surfaces with mattress compensation as recommended by the German Nurses Association (DBfK) offer optimum ergonomics and thus prevent the development of pressure sores. By user adjustment of the back rest and leg section, this allows the occupant to be raised upwards gently, while the comfort sitting position is ideal for watching television or reading, in addition to having a positive effect on breathing and circulation.

The Evolution bed series can be equipped with the following reclining surfaces*

Metal Lattice Lying Surface


Comfort Lying Surface


ABS Lying Surface


*Some restrictions may apply.
Swivel-mounted, split side rail

Swivel-mounted, split side rail (GS)

Vertically-adjustable split side rail (VGS)

Vertically-adjustable split side rail (VGS)

Unilaterally split side rail (GSE/VGSE)

Unilaterally split side rail (GSE/VGSE)

Full-length side rail (DS)

Full-length side rail (DS)

Integrated Bed Extension
The integrated Evolution 400 bed extension (optional Extra) offers maximum flexibility for the extension of the reclining surface by 10 cm without mattress insert and 20 cm with the said insert. There is no danger of collision even when the bed is fully extended.

The bed can be extended manually without tools via two locking bolts. The high-quality bearings guarantee maximum stability when the bed is extended.

In conjunction with our mobilising side rail system, we guarantee full compliance with the DIN EN 60601-2-52 standard, reducing restraining measures by foregoing additional protectors.

Evolution 400 Comfort Position
The comfort sitting position ensures that the occupant can sit upright comfortably, and it is ideal for watching television, eating or communicating. Spatial orientation is improved, and breathing and circulation are influenced positively.

The intelligent alignment process with back rest adjustment prevents the occupant from coming into contact with the headboard and simultaneously relieves pressure on the buttocks.

Additional information

Side Rail Type

2+2 Quad Rails

Lying Surface Dimensions

90 x 200cm, 90 x 220cm, 120 x 200cm, 120 x 220cm

Height Adjustment

25 – 82cm

Weight Limit

225kg (35.5 Stone)


Two Point Braking System


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