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The Dementia Low Bed design has been achieved by collaboration with clinical therapists and experts that have an active interest in dementia. The aim of this bed is to make the user feel safe and secure and to also minimise the risk of falling. There is padding on the headboard, the side rails and on the footboard of the bed, this is to reduce the chances of the user sustaining an injury from knocking their head or their body on a hard surface.

Dementia Low Bed

Dementia Low Bed

Dementia Low Bed with Crash Pad

Optional Floor Padding

Standard Features:

  • Minimising the risk of falling.
  • Padded head, foot and side rails.
  • Sit-up and raise your legs at the press of a button.
  • Trendelenburg & Anti-Trendelenburg (full bed tilt) function as standard.
  • Suitable for use in both home and nursing home environments.
  • Four section profiling.
  • Anti-mattress compression.
  • Electric height adjustment.
  • 14 Day money back guarantee on this bed (subject to Terms).

Minimising Falls

During our discussions regarding dementia with therapists it became apparent that there is a risk of the user falling out of the bed. The Dementia Low Bed can go down to a height of 25cm (excluding mattress), you can also minimise the impact of a fall with a crash mat. When raised, the side rails should also act as a preventative measure against falling. The side rails have two settings, when in the lower position they can be used as a point of reference for the edge of the bed by the bed user, when in their higher position with only the head rail raised they can provide assistance for self-transfers.

Low Risk Dementia Low Bed

Head-End Split / Assist Rails

Our recommendations for using head-end split / assist rails, means that should the user become distressed and attempt to exit the bed, the risk of injury would be greatly reduced through the use of split / assist rails. By using the top split / assist rails only, the user would likely exit the bed feet first through the foot-end of the bed. Using the top split / assist rails can also be used as a safety barrier so the user cannot roll out of bed, as illustrated below:

Dementia Low Bed with Protective Side Rails

The Dementia low bed has a 2+2 lockable undercarriage as standard. This is very well suited for use in an environment where the bed needs to be moved for cleaning or care purposes within the same room. There are two accessible foot pedals at either end of the bed on both sides, which unlock the wheels quickly & easily so the bed can be moved. The bed can also be mobilised at any height, this lowers the risk of injury whilst moving the bed.

Video Demonstration performed at Naidex National.

Additional information

Side Rail Type

Head Section (Padded)

Lying Surface Dimensions

90 x 200cm

Height Adjustment

25 – 82cm

Weight Limit

225kg (35.5 Stone)


Two Point Braking System


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