Medical Pressure Relieving Mattresses

Imagine waking in comfort after a deep, restful sleep on a mattress matched to your exact needs, confident that its stability will support you transferring out of bed with improved mobility.

The Medi~Pro+™ mattress has many advantages over other mattresses due to the main components: the base, the side walls and the lying surface insert:

  • The base is constructed with Air Flow channels to improve the bed climate and reduce heat build-up during long periods of sleep.
  • Two firm side walls run the full length of the mattress. Made from higher density foam (which does not compress as much as the lying surface foam), we find these often improve transfers and also let you know via feel that you’re near the edge of the bed – useful if falls are a risk.
  • The insert is the lying surface. This will be specified for your maximum comfort and also defines the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress. If your requirements change, the insert may be reversed or changed to suit, saving outlay on a new mattress.
As before when I ordered the 1st insert replacement I was extremely happy. This time, August 2012, I bought a complete mattress as the original one (purchased in July of 2005!) had done an estimed twice the time I owned it due to having enforced bed rest.
The service and information on the order status was just brilliant. When the mattress arived a few weeks ago it was on my Volker 3080 in very short time, and I have been sleeping like a log for the 1st time in ages as the previous insert was getting jolly tired!
David at Bakare kept me informed and talked through all the possible options, so I would get the best possible mattress, and I certainly have.

The bed is so comfy that I’ve got another 5 to 8 years of relaxed sleeping in the correct position for my mishaped body and yet more spinal compression. That hurts! The bed makes life jolly tolerable, even though I’m sure that I facing yet more spinal surgery soon, meaning 18 to 20 hours a day in bed after the surgery whenever it happens. THANK YOU TO ALL AT BAKARE, I know that if I need help with the bed it’ll happen un a flash!

Bakare is honestly the best company I’ll ever deal with. Be it the bed or buying a pair of socks & a shirt. I am a very happy customer, and long may I have dealings with with the company. Keep up the good work to all at Bakare.

With Kindest Regards and Very Best Wishes, Joshua Brooke, Oxford, UK.


  • Suitable for use by users ‘at risk’ through to ‘high risk’ of pressure sores
  • Can be used as a replacement mattress
  • Designed to profile accurately in line with the bed
  • Medi~Pro+™ changeable inserts allow easy replacement or upgrade
  • Air flow channels improve the bed climate
  • Zero rated for VAT if used by a person with disabilities or charity
  • 4 year warranty subject to terms and conditions

Standard Features

  • Designed for profiling beds
  • Side wall support to assist in user transfer
  • Removable, washable, PU welded waterproof cover printed with full care and audit instructions
  • High frequency welded waterproof seams protect the mattress core and insert against contamination
  • Full length waterproof flap conceals the zip and reduces possible fluid ingress
  • CoolMax™ towelling cover as option
  • No regular turning required; top rotation only
  • Standard and custom size range available

Safety and Standards

Medi-Pro+ mattresses are stringently tested and fully meet fire regulations BS7177:1996 Medium Hazard, Source 5.

Technical Data

Medi-Pro Comfort
Medi-Pro Memory
Medi-Pro Assist
Base Type
Standard base with ventilation channels Foam RS 55
Insert Type
50% Memory Foam / 50% Comfort Foam – Reversible insert of comfort foam one side and memory foam on the other. Both full support surfaces. Foam RS55 & VF6020
100% Memory Foam – Insert with full support surface in memory Foam VF6020
50% Hi-Density Memory Foam / 50% Comfort Foam – Reversible insert of hi-density memory foam one side and comfort foam on the other.
Side Wall Type
Higher density supportive side wall with cut-outs for hinging when profiling. Foam RS50
Standard Available Sizes
90x200cm / 90x220cm / 100x200cm / 100x220cm
Small / Large (e.g. double) sizes available on request
Mattress Depth
12cm (Supplied as standard) / 15cm (Special order only)
Total Weight
15kg (2.4 stone)
Max Patient Weight Using 12cm Depth
140kg (22 stone)
Max Patient Weight Using 15cm Depth
220kg (34.5 stone)
Suitable For Users Assessed:
At risk
Medium – High Risk
Medium – High Risk
User Transfer Assist
As standard
Added Heal Care
As standard
As standard
Designed For Profiling Beds
As standard
Use As A Replacement
Cover Type
Bi- stretch waterproof PU material, welded seams and zip. Care & audit instructions printed on fabric.
Cover Type (Optional)
CoolMax™ Towelling fabric, side zipped cover
Fire Retardant To BS7177:1996 Medium Hazard (Source 5)
As standard
Medi-Pro Key
Medi-Pro Comfort
Medi-Pro Memory
Medi-Pro Assist

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