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Kidz South 2014

BaKare Beds will be at Kidz South in June 2014. Come and view the BaKare Klearside™ Rainbow and the our special needs cots at one of the biggest exhibitions of the year dedicated to children with disabilities and special needs, their families and the professionals who work with them. Kidz South boasts over a 120 exhibitors offering advice and information on funding, mobility, seating, beds, communication, access, education, toys, transport, style, sensory, sports and leisure. [...]

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Great Customer Feedback This Week

We were delighted to receive this feedback from one of our customers this week: Q1: How did we do? Pre-Sales Advice Excellent Product Purchased Excellent Value For Money Good Delivery, Installation & Training Excellent Q2: How does our customer service compare to other companies? Much better […]

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BaKare Klearside Bed featured on Channel 4 with Sarah Beeny

A family based in West Sussex appeared on “Double Your House For Half The Money” hosted by Sarah Beeny. The Channel 4 show which aired September 17th, 2013 followed a family as they are undergoing major home renovations to accommodate the growing needs of their 7 year old daughter Iona-May who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The BaKare Klearside was used in the bedroom and featured on the show. References: The BaKare Klearside Double Your House [...]

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BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 Standard for Beds for Medical Use

Description: Medical electrical equipment. Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of healthcare and hospital / medical beds. Date Issued: 2010 Summary: From April 2013 every healthcare and hospital bed brought to the market after April 2013 must comply with the new standard. Beds that were produced before this date (and that are compliant with the EN 60601-2-38 and EN 1970 standards) can remain in operation and do not require modification to [...]

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Wake In Comfort

Imagine waking in comfort after a deep, restful sleep, confident that you can get out of bed with improved mobility. Many of us have awoken with either backache, headache, feeling tired or otherwise groggy. With conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy or Cerebral Palsy, it is easy to attribute all aches and pains to the respective condition. However, we are equally convinced that some people, also suffer posture related pains and it is possible [...]

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Increased Independence

Our assist rails can mean the difference between needing assistance getting into or out of bed without help or requiring the help of a carer. Split side rails or 'assist rails' make transferring from a wheelchair to the bed much easier. Being part of the bed and constructed from hardwood and metal, they are built to remain stable and offer a more rigid & secure feel than a typical bed leaver or bed rail which [...]

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Complimentary Furniture

Designed & manufactured in the UK to co-ordinate with the BaKare bed range The Italia beds are designed to match all of the BaKare furniture ranges. All doors, drawers and tops are foiled wrapped for durability & easy cleaning. Choice of twelve colour designs for all ranges with a simple price structure. Built to order – Express Delivery available

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Special Needs Cots

Special Needs Cots BaKare Beds offer a range of real wood cots, custom made to your specification, using sustainable sourced timber and treated naturally in accordance with DIN71-3 (Toy Safety suitable for children). Our custom wooden cots are built exactly to your childs needs, backed up by our friendly Nationwide service.

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Function and Beauty Combined

Choose from a range of wooden finishes from traditional oak to contemporary walnut to fit your decor. A common concern is matching shades and grains of woods between furniture from multiple suppliers. BaKare will provide the wood finish codes used on our electric adjustable beds to allow you to specify complimentary furniture. BaKare can also provide a complete solution of matched furniture using the same wood finishes as our beds to create clean & stunning [...]

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