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Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Height Adjustable Beds

A Height adjustable bed can be raised & lowered at the touch of a button on the handset. The handset controls low voltage electric motors which raise and lower the bed.

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Special Needs Beds Patented Child Proof Lock MkII

Patented Child Proof Lock MkII

The Patented Child Proof Lock MkII is fitted to our range of real wood special needs beds so that...

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Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg (Tilt) Bed Positions

Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg Bed Positions

The Anti-Trendelenberg position available on our beds keeps the lying surface in a straight position whilst raising the head end and lowering the foot end of the...

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Our adjustable beds raise to a sufficient height to enable users to lower themselves to their feet when transferring from bed.

A Combination of features aids comfort and dignity with independence. A...

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Our beds use wheels which retract inside the hollow bed legs when not used. For greater movement over longer distances, we can offer hospital style caster wheels.

Electronic Braking & Retractable Wheels controlled using a...</p><a href=''>Read More!</a></div><div class=

Electric Profiling

All of our beds can be profiled at the push of a button.

Electric Profiling Bed with profiling controlled using a handset. Independent adjustable lying surface with...

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Bed Side Rails

Many care beds are complimented by integrated bed side rails.These can help prevent users from falling from the bed involuntarily and can be used as an aid to maximise the users mobility, by helping them into and out of the...

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Armchair Position

Using a combination of the height adjustment, tilt (anti-trendelenberg) and profiling positions, our range of care beds can be manoeuvred into the ‘Comfort’ or ‘Armchair’ position.

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