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Klearside® Rainbow Bed

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The Klearside® Rainbow’s stylish design and vibrant colours are sure to be the focal point of any room. Klearsides® are especially useful where involuntary movements or muscle spasms may cause injury; where entrapment would be a risk using traditional side rails; and / or good vision into and out of the bed is required.

Imagine if you were laid in a bed and you could not see what was going on around you. The BaKare Klearside® solves a common problem of putting a user in a full length side rail bed, with full length bump covers. The tough vinyl Klearsides® not only act as a bump cover to protect the user, but the user is also able to visibly see out of the Klearsides® of the bed. This ensures that the user is both fully protected whilst still having full visibility around the room.

The Klearsides® can also benefit the parents/carers, as you can supervise if the user is resting from a distance. This means rather than having to approach the bed and check on the user, you can see from across the room whether or not the user needs any assistance.

Klearside Rainbow Bed Profiled

Klearside Rainbow Standard

Klearside Rainbow Bed Height Adjusted

Klearside Rainbow LS Height Adjusted

The Klearside® Rainbow is suited to individuals within their own home or a residential home and offers security to the user whilst offering easy access and easier visual supervision.

BaKare’s patented Klearsides® are superior to inferior copies, benefitting from:

  • Large visible windows.
  • Provides 44.5cm end user side protection when used with a 12cm mattress.
  • Increased space.
  • Safety & security during upright positioning.

BaKare has worked closely with many Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Professionals over the years, to make the Klearside® range of beds one of the most recognised solutions as an alternative to a full length side rail bed, when more visibility & protection is required. The Klearside® Rainbow offers many unique features such as various anti-entrapment systems, fixed head & footboard padding as standard and also clear or perforated Klearsides®.

The Klearside® is suited to individuals within their own home or a residential home and offers security to the user whilst offering easy access and easier visual supervision.

The Klearside® Rainbow has fixed head & footboard padding fitted as standard. Fixed padding provides additional protection for the user and added piece of mind for the parent/carer.

All functions of the Klearside® Rainbow including the profiling can be operated without having to remove the head & footboard padding from the bed.

All Klearside padding is available in many other colours, please call 01752 512222 or Contact Us for a colour chart.

The Klearside® Rainbow can be ordered with either perforated (rows of tiny holes) or non-perforated Klearsides® at no additional cost.

Additional information

Side Rail Type


Lying Surface Dimensions

90 x 200cm

Height Adjustment

25 – 82cm

Weight Limit

225kg (35.5 Stone)


Two Point Braking System


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