Parts List

Bakare are experts in supplying service contracts to the care sector with over 20 years experience with services ranging from emergency call-out through to inclusive maintenance contracts.

We offer a range of tailored solutions from large care groups to individuals in the community

Benefits of a Bakare Service

  1. Products include: all manufacturers’ beds, air mattresses, LOLA testing of hoists (eg Liko, Arjo, Invacare, etc) & recliner chairs.
  2. Engineers vehicles are equipped with most commonly required spares to ensure a first time fix
  3. Fast dispatch of spares from our large UK stocks
  4. Assistance if equipment is beyond economical repair

The BaKare Service includes:

  • Scheduled service & inspection.
  • Qualified Engineer telephone response within 12 hours of the fault being reported.
  • Qualified Engineer on call 365 days a year.
  • Annual reporting of logged faults, enabling clear identification of inherent problems and staff training requirements

If you cannot find the part you are looking for, please contact us.

Product Code  Product Description

C011 Replacement Castor
D100 Dewert Series 5 Motor
D100 Dewert Series 5 Motor (exchange)
D103 Dewert Multimat
D103 Dewert Multimat (Exchange)
D117 Dewert Series 5 Transformer
D123 Dewert Series 5 Handset (brown)
D124 MBK Control box
D170 Dewert Care 7 Motor
D170 Dewert Care 7 Motor (Exchange)
D171 Dewert Care 7 Mulitmat
D171 Dewert Care 7 Mulitmat (Exchange)
D172 Dewert Care 7 Handset
J022 Jascy Handset (Dewert)
J025 Jascy Handset (Okin)
J026 Jacsy Height Adj Motor (Dewert)
J027 Jacsy Height Adj Motor (Okin)
J029 Jascy Mains Cable
P008 Replacement Slat

Okin/Volker Spares
D151 Okimat G (MK1 Motor)
D151 Okimat G (MK1 Motor) Exchange)
D152 Okimat 5020 Motor
D152 Okimat 5020 Motor (Exchange)
D154 Okimat 480 (MK3 Motor)
D154 Okimat 480 (MK3 Motor) Exchange)
D190 Okimat 3080 (MK2 Motor)
D190 Okimat 3080 (MK2 Motor) Exchange)
V010 Handset Extension Cable
V011 2080 Siderail Catch & Runner
V012 Volker 7 Button Handset
V029 Recon Undercarriage
V030/V031 Replacement 3010/5020 S/rail Wood
V049 Volker Main’s lead (Old Style)
V049A Volker Main’s lead (New Style)
V060 Volker 8 Button Handset (comfort)
V061A Replacement Volker Headboard
V062 Replacement Volker Footboard
V088 3080 Siderail catch (old Style)
V088A 3080 Siderail catch (New Style)
V121 Volker Splitter Box
V288 Nurses Control Box
V290 Nurses Control Box (MK 3/4)
V299 Ratchet Stay
V300 5020 Headboard Lead
V3060 Adapter T Splint
V3061 Adapter Cartridge
V3062 Universal Hook
V3070 Battery Backup
V415 General Purpose hook
V500 Mk 3 Undercarriage Limits
V501 Mk3 Undercarriage Motor
V502 5020 Headboard Motor
V503 Mk2 Undercarriage Limits
V504 Mk 2 Undercarriage Motor
V506 Replacement Actuator Bar (MK3)
V507 Replacement Actuator Bar (MK2)
V508 Mk1 Undercarriage Motor
V509 Replacement Actuator Bar (MK5)
V512 2080/5020/3010 Siderail Button
V513 3080 Siderail Plunger
V514 3010/5020 Hinge
V515 Replacement Undercarriage Leg case only
V516 Replacement Undercarriage Leg complete
V517 Volker Blanking Plug
V518 Volker Handset Clip
V519 Plastic Undercarriage Feet
V524 Replacement Spring Wing (Set of 5)
V524 Spring Wing (each)
V525 Replacement GFRP Slat
V526 Volker 3080 Fixing Pack
V527 Mk1 undercarriage limit switch (Height)
V528 Mk1 undercarriage limit switch (Wheels)
V529 2080 Siderail Catch only
V530 Replacement Volker Plug
V531 3010/5020 siderail catch
V532 Replacement 3080 s/rail wood (head)
V533 Replacement 3080 s/rail wood (Foot)
V534 Replacement 3080 s/rail wood (Middle)
V535 Replacement 3080 S/rail frame (Head)
V536 Replacement 3080 S/rail frame (Foot)
V537 Replacement wooden Inserts
V538 Replacement Server Wheel
Siderail Mech