Benefits of Bed Side Rails

Many care beds are complimented by integrated bed side rails.These can help prevent users from falling from the bed involuntarily and can be used as an aid to maximise the users mobility, by helping them into and out of the bed.

There are three distinct types of integrated side rails that we can offer:

  • Full length bed side rails
  • Two part, split (or non-restraining) bed side rails
  • Klearsides®

Full Length Bed Side Rails

Full length side rails (2 or 3 per side) slide up and down in runners positioned in the head and footboards and span the entire length of the bed.

When not in use the rails can be lowered below the level of the mattress to ensure they do not hinder the user transferring into and out of bed.

If using deeper mattresses or overlays, optional side rail height extensions or triple side rails are available, allowing mattress overlays or air mattresses to be used safely in compliance with HSE guidelines.

Volker 2080 Adjustable Bed - Full Length Side Rails

Two part, split (non-restraining) Bed Side Rails

The 2 part side rails can also be used to aid the user to a standing position, especially when used in conjunction with the height adjustment feature. When not in use the side rails fold neatly and discreetly away below the lying surface.

Two part bed side rails may be ordered with extra maximum height (40cm above lying surface) which would effectively allow a combined mattress height of nearly 7″, allowing mattress overlays or air mattresses below this height to be used safely in compliance with HSE guidelines.

Volker 3080 Adjustable Bed - Split Side Rails


The Klearside® has been thoughtfully designed to afford a great alternative to a full-length side rail bed. The large clear windows provide a great deal of light and visibility and ensure users don’t feel “trapped”. The windows, which are made of high-strength, transparent PVC and available with both perforated and non-perforated surfaces, are mounted on foam-padded wooden support rails on both sides for extra security..

Klearside Low - Rainbow

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