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You Spoke and We Listened

You Spoke and We Listened

BaKare Beds pride ourselves on listening and collaborating with our customers. Recently we conducted focus groups with quite a few of our customers to understand their needs and where BaKare needed to improve. We received extremely good feedback about our Volker range of products, the Volker 3080 and 2080, however one point that kept reoccurring was the price of these products.

As a direct result of your feedback we were able to enter negotiations with Volker and today we are pleased to announce that we have managed to secure a reduction in the cost of these products. Also, the good news keeps coming as we have decided to pass the entire cost saving on to our customers.

Volker 2080: Now £2,200 (£299 reduction)
Volker 3080: Now £2,450 (£249 reduction)

We also have some clearance Volker 3080’s and Volker 3082’s which are featured on our website with 25% off (£1,835).

If you are interested in these please feel free to contact us directly on 01752 512222 or info@nullbakare.co.uk.