Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg (Tilt) Bed Positions2017-09-21T11:29:30+00:00

Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg (Tilt) Bed Positions

Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg Bed Positions

The Anti-Trendelenberg position available on our beds keeps the lying surface in a straight position whilst raising the head end and lowering the foot end of the bed.

The Anti-Trendelenberg position provides added pressure relief from various areas of the body especially when used in conjunction with the profiling capabilities.

The Trendelenberg position (feet up, head down) is available as an option, and is an ideal position for postural drainage. Please be advised that this function should only be used under professional, medical supervision.

Beds that feature Trendelenburg and / or Anti-Trendelenburg as standard include:

Trendelenburg and / or Anti-Trendelenburg is also an optional feature on many of our special needs range of beds.

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