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Assist Rail Beds

Assist / Split side rails (aka cot sides) can mean the difference between the user needing assistance getting into or out of bed without help or requiring the help of a carer. BaKare Bed's patented split side rails or ‘assist rails’ make transferring to and from the bed much easier. Constructed from hardwood and aluminium / steel, they are built to remain stable as you use them to stand up and turn, bearing your weight through them, and offer a more rigid & secure feel than a typical bed leaver or bed rail which slides under the mattress.

Using 60601-2-52 compliant split side rails also drastically reduces the chance of falling out of bed. And when not in use, can be folded away below the height of the mattress.

Two part bed side rails may be ordered with extra maximum height (40cm above lying surface) which would effectively allow a combined mattress height of nearly 7?, allowing mattress overlays or air mattresses below this height to be used safely in compliance with HSE guidelines.


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