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Klearside® Junior Bed

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The Klearside® is a popular choice for children due to its great vision through the Klearsides®, low entrapment risk and padding options. The Klearside® Junior is a reduced length version with additional colour options suitable for users who don’t require a full adult sized bed.

To reduce the risk of injuries to vulnerable users from collisions and entrapment where side rails are present, bumper covers are traditionally used; however this can make the user feel ‘boxed in’. The Klearside® adjustable bed uses high strength PVC transparent windows integrated into both sides of the bed. These are mounted on wooden support rails, which are themselves protected by foam padding.

Klearside Junior Bed Blue

Klearside Junior Blue

Klearside Junior Bed Pink

Klearside Junior Pink

The Klearside® Junior is suited to individuals within their own home or a residential home and offers security to the user whilst offering easy access and easier visual supervision.

BaKare’s patented Klearsides® are superior to inferior copies, benefitting from:

  • Large visible windows.
  • Provides 44.5cm end user side protection when used with a 12cm mattress.
  • Increased space.
  • Safety & security during upright positioning.

BaKare has worked closely with many Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Professionals over the years, to make the Klearside® range of beds one of the most recognised solutions as an alternative to a full length side rail bed, when more visibility & protection is required. The Klearside® Rainbow offers many unique features such as various anti-entrapment systems, fixed head & footboard padding as standard and also clear or perforated Klearsides®.

The Klearside® is suited to individuals within their own home or a residential home and offers security to the user whilst offering easy access and easier visual supervision.


  • Klearsides® for user safety with improved visual supervision for carer.
  • Klearsides® allow maximum light and visibility to the user.
  • Raise back section & knees for comfort or therapy.
  • Adjust height for care.
  • Move easily with hidden wheels.
  • Operate bed functions with convenient handset control.
  • Choose from a range of accessories.

Standard Features:

  • Four section profiling.
  • Anti-stomach compression.
  • Fully height adjustable (38-78cm).
  • Safety low voltage handset & control system.
  • Safety and Eco-friendly power cut-off.
  • Meets current & future (due April 2013) EU / UK legal & safety requirements.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on this bed (subject to Terms).

The Klearside® can be ordered with either perforated (rows of tiny holes) or non-perforated Klearsides® at no additional cost.

All Klearside padding is available in many other colours, please call 01752 512222 or Contact Us for a colour chart.

Size Options:

  • Width: 90cm x Length: 180cm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What material is the bed/padding made from?
    Bed: wooden head and footboards with steel bed frame. Padding: PVC Vinyl (Fire Retardant Crib 5).
  • What can you clean the bed with? 
    Mild detergent / Soap and Water.
  • Can the bed be steam cleaned?
  • Can replacement padding be bought?

Additional information

Side Rail Type


Lying Surface Dimensions

90 x 180cm

Height Adjustment

38 – 78cm (S Undercarriage), 40 – 80cm (Plus Undercarriage)

Weight Limit

180kg (28.3 Stone)


Single Point Braking System, Electronic Braking


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