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Verona Collection

Capri_Evo Roomset 01anti trend

A clean smooth scoop effect is the basis of the Florence concept. Any protruding handles have been eliminated by the use of its scoop design.

Its look is modern yet stylish, simple with a touch of elegance. Aesthetically pleasing but functional, durable and easy to clean.

The Bello Sonno Range of Beds have been specially designed to match our exclusive Furniture Collection. 

Wood Finishes

Choice of 12 finishes:

Walnut, White, Natural Oak, Medium Oak, Light Oak, Maple, Grey, Elm, Cream, Cherry, Beige, Beech.

Colour swatches provided on request.

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Furniture Types

39 plus combinations of furniture types with choice of Wardrobe inner space style. Click on the images below to enlarge:

BaKare bed and furniture collection

BaKare bed and furniture collection

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