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Therapists & Case Managers

Physical Therapist Works with SeniorWe have over 20 years experience of working with therapists and case managers to develop solutions to ensure occupation and therapy goals are attained. Our dedicated team will work in collaboration with you to ensure the very best solution for your client.

We offer the following services at no extra cost:

A Dedicated Account Manager

We understand the importance of continuity and dealing with someone that knows the history of your conversations. Your friendly and dedicated account manager will be able to present you with the right solution for your client. When a product needs to be customised or a bespoke solution is required (i.e. a paediatric special need cot) your account manager will work with you and your client to develop this. What can be quite a complex process will be made simple for you. Your account manager will then work with the manufacturer to ensure that no detail is forgotten and the solution arrives to you exactly as prescribed.


BaKare has a dedicated demonstration team that are able to show and explain products from across our range. Their in-depth knowledge and friendly approach will help you to ascertain if this is the right product for your client. All of our demonstrations come with a no obligation guarantee, it is completely against our ethos to engage in pressure sales. Our only concern is ensuring your client gets the very best solution.

In Service Days

We often get asked to attend training and demonstration days for therapists and case managers. Our insightful presentations will highlight the many benefits and features of our products. This is your opportunity to see our solutions in action and to ask questions. We also issue CPD certificates at these events as you have participated and engaged in a learning experience.

After Sales Support

Our relationship with you doesn’t end after a sale, we provide first class after sales support. Whether you need a spare part or just information on how to get the best out of the product for your client we are on hand, so you can always rest assured that you have the support that you need.


Email received from an occupational therapist operating in the Peterborough area.
(names removed to protect identity of clients):

Hi Dan

Better news this week….

Message from Brenda yesterday:
Mr B rang to say he is very pleased with his new mattress

Also, letter received this morning from Ms C:
This is to advise you that my Bakare Adjustable bed arrived on Wednesday and is wonderful. I’m now getting a good nights sleep for the first time in ages. I’m not having to use the knee separator – the bed is that comfortable.

Thank you for your expert assistance in choosing the correct bed and mattress – which was essential due to my physical condition now – and also for assisting with a report to go with my grant application.

Also, from Mr B, I received an email:
Just to let you know, the Bakare bed is now satisfactory and is in use.

Dan has given me an extra year`s warranty to cover the labour cost and a free annual inspection.


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Dear Daniel,

We have given the Volker furniture brochure to our case Occupational Therapist who was very impressed with the goods you have provided us with to date. Maybe she’ll have other clients who may do business with you.

May I also take this opportunity to thank you indeed all the Bakare employees we have had contact with. Everyone is efficient helpful you usually deliver on time and your goods are of the highest quality. I would stress that of all the companies we have had to deal with since the accident no one else is in your league – in fact we sometimes wonder how British industry survives. Full marks to you for reliable service.

Kind Regards,

Mr and Mrs Roberts

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I am writing to express satisfaction and delight with my electric control motorised BaKare Bed. My professional opinion is that by elevating the upper spine and bringing up the leg section, a certain decompression of the lower back occurs rendering the region relaxed and ready for rest.
As I read nightly before sleep, I find that my neck and shoulders are far more relaxed and I certainly do not have to crunch pillows or endlessly shift around.

Recently my 81 year old mother visited and slept in the bed for three weeks. She suffers with osteoporosis and insomnia and found immediate relief upon setting the controls to her comfort.

If feel that a vast majority of people would get maximum benefit from this sleep system and if anyone wants to talk to me personally about BaKare Beds I should be happy to oblige.

Dr J Hernandez Silva, Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic

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I am writing to thank you for your kind and efficient service to my client, Jason Willard.

I appreciate the fact that you were able to exchange the bed, at no extra cost for one with more suitable rails. It is perfect for his requirements and his family are delighted.

Mrs S Haines, Occupational Therapist, Doncaster

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