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VAT Relief

These products qualify as ‘zero-rated’ and eligible for VAT relief, which means if you have a disability or are chronically sick, VAT will not be charged.

Funding Options

There may be funding or grants available to assist with these purchases. Please refer to the funding your mobility equipment purchase guide

BaKare Adjustable Beds

Prestige Duo
Prestige Quad Plus
Evolution 400
Height Adjustment38-78cm38-78cm38-78cm38cm-78cm25-82cm
4 Section Profiling Surface
Trend / Anti-Trend (tilt)OptionalStandard
Comfort Chair PositioningOptionalStandard
Comfort Lying SurfaceOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
No Side RailsStandardOptionalOptionalOptional
Full Length Twin Side RailsStandardOptionalOptional
Full Length Triple Side RailsOptionalOptionalOptional
Split 2 + 2 (Quad) Side RailsOptionalOptionalStandardStandard
Available in Extra Widths
Available in Reduced Length
Hidden CastersStandardOptionalStandardOptionalStandard
Open CastersOptionalStandardStandard
Battery Back-UpOptional
14 Day Money Back

Volker Adjustable Beds

Volker 2080
Volker 2082
Volker 3080
Volker 3082
Height Adjustment35-70cm35-70cm35-70cm35-70cm
4 Section Profiling Surface
Trend / Anti-Trend (tilt)StandardStandardStandardStandard
Comfort Chair PositioningStandardStandardStandardStandard
Comfort Lying SurfaceStandardStandardStandardStandard
No Side Rails
Full Length Twin Side RailsStandardStandard
Full Length Triple Side Rails
Split 2 + 2 (Quad) Side RailsStandardStandard
Available in Extra Widths
Available in Reduced Length
Hidden CastersStandardStandardStandardStandard
Open Casters
Battery Back-UpOptionalStandardOptionalStandard
14 Day Money Back
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