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Who Are Bakare?

IMG_1476-shadowBaKare also supply a large number of products to individuals for long term care, such as clients striving for independence and mobility, and people with children who have physical disability and/or learning difficulties.

By carefully listening to our customers, BaKare have kept at the forefront of developments, leading to the introduction of more solutions for everyday living.

BaKare was conceived in 1989 when managing director John Baker’s uncle, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, moved to Cornwall, which led to John developing the first BaKare Bed. John was later approached by the German company Volker to import their prestigious range of healthcare beds, which were a breakthrough in care bed design at the time. With his direct experience of the problems of his customers, and with the benefit and help of his wife Wendy (who was a nurse), Johns collaboration with Volker contributed to many of the unique features of the Volker bed program of today.

The Volker healthcare beds have a unique appearance making them suitable for clients who require an adjustable bed, but do not like the look of traditional hospital or divan style beds. The homely appearance is gained from using veneer and solid wood wooden laminate finishes, with a complimentary range of matching bedroom furniture to match.

The Volker beds are not just suitable for people within their own homes however. With conformance to UK/EU safety requirements, and suitability to multi-occupancy environments, they are used within several high quality care homes.

BaKare’s products can be assessed at our assessment centres in Sheffield and Plymouth and also at DLC / DLF centre’s nationwide.

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